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Founded by Brianna and Mathew Gaal, GAÁL is a fashion label born in Melbourne Australia.
Brianna and Mathew created GAÁL with the vision to raise the bar on transparency in the fashion industry and promote a circular, regenerative model of producing clothing. Every garment we make has its entire lifecycle considered right from the start. The materials that go into our clothing, that is fabric, thread, buttons, interlining and even shoulder pads, are made from low-impact, natural materials that are readily biodegradable.
We aim to provide complete transparency about the suppliers we work with. People aren't always willing to share that information, but we make it our mission to find out, share it and improve our supply chain wherever we can.
All our clothes are made in Melbourne, Australia, brought to life by our partner factory and their team of expert machinists. Our factory follows strict regulations to ensure fair and safe working conditions. They are also just a short drive away so we visit them a lot to make sure!
If you’ve got questions and want to dive deeper into the details, we’d love to chat! Feel free to hit us up at

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